Our top 5 Favourite Wedding Food & Drink Stations

If you want to add a little more fun and engagement to your wedding, food and drink stations are a fantastic way to do that. They get people talking and make for aesthetically pleasing setups.

Our 5 favourite and most talked about food and drinks stations that we’ve presented are:

  • Live Oyster Bar. A classic. A favourite. And elevates your wedding no matter the setting. Oysters are often saved for special occasions so it’s only fitting to have them on your big day.
  • Whiskey Bar. You can really impress your guests with a wide variety of whiskeys which is often lacking at weddings. This drink station gives a kind of hipster vibe while still making those older guests feel right at home. 
  • Coffee Bar. With all the dancing, talking and eating, guests will surely flock to a bar dedicated solely to caffeine! You can have a lot of fun with the types of coffee you offer, like Cappuccinos and Baileys coffee.
  • Saganaki Bar. This food station will get your guests’ attention as the chef cooks this traditional Greek dish over a piping hot (and large!) flame.  There’s a lot to look at, and the result is a lip smacking treat.
  • Donut Bar. There a hundreds of flavours you can play with here, including Oreo and Bacon & Maple. Don’t forget those pretty pink donuts with rainbow sprinkles too. This food station is sure to be a hit with your guests from 8-80 year olds!