Top 5 Tips for Those Hot Summer Weddings

Summer is wedding season for a reason: it’s nice outside. However, our definitions of “nice” can vary, and with those stunning sunny skies, often comes that sweaty, wet skin!

Here are a few key tips on how to stay cool at your wedding, or at the very least, minimize the effects of the summer heat:

  • Don’t over do it on the makeup! Just like you shouldn’t wear mascara while water skiing, or while watching an emotional movie, don’t pack on so much foundation that half of it ends up dripping down your face. Thankfully, a wedding is the one time where the simple, pretty and timeless look wins every time !
  • Wear sunscreen. Have a makeup artist apply a thin layer of SPF along with your moisturizer (or a moisturizer with SPF in it) so you don’t burn, and are less likely to feel the effects of that hot sun.
  • Create a breeze. Whether it’s a pretty traditional Japanese fan, or one of those 90’s electric fans, have one packed in someone’s purse nearby so you can pull it out from time to time.
  • Have a bridesmaid or groomsmen (or anyone there to help) pack a large umbrella for the day of so that in between takes, or while waiting for things to start, you can take respite in the shade.
  • This may seem a little “extra” but if someone is willing, pack a small cooler with ice packs and water soaked washcloths to pull out every now and then to dab at your neck, wrist (anywhere on your body that cools you down). Even more extra: tap a few drops of lavender essential oils in those washcloths for a nice relaxing effect!