Top Trends in Wedding Makeup and Hair

We recently caught up with Eryn Shannon, our partner in makeup and hair, to learn a little bit more about her, as well as get her take on some of the top trends in bridal looks. Our in-house wedding professionals and preferred vendors are at the top of their game, and Eryn is no exception. From the runway to the alter, she’s learned a thing or two and is constantly expanding her knowledge in the fashion/makeup/hair industries. With a ton of experience and a truly creative mind, our clients are always happy. Read on for some tips and inspiration!

Eryn, what got you started into makeup and hair, how long have you been doing it, and what is your favourite part about being a makeup and hair artist?

I kind of fell into hair and makeup. I was studying art and painting at the time and a friend introduced me to M.A.C cosmetics, I was really amazed by all the colours and textures they had. Not long after this discovery, I made friends with the artists that worked at the store and they offered me a job as a full time artist. With my portrait painting background it was an easy transition for me. While I was working at M.A.C I also joined a makeup agency in Toronto where I worked on editorial/ fashion and tv shoots. This required me to do minimal hair grooming, which I loved and then I also pursued hair training shortly after this. I have been in the industry for 16 years and absolutely love it. The best part about being an artist is you are always creating something beautiful and everyday there is a new trend or a new technique to learn. 

What are the top three trends in makeup and hair these days, across the board in fashion these days?

 3 Biggest Trends in Makeup

  1. Skin is in! There is a huge focus on perfect flawless skin that is hydrated and luminous. There are so many wonderful new foundations that make this look easy to achieve.
  2. Pops of colour! Especially on the eyes in beautiful pastel tones.
  3. Blush is back! Forget contouring and replace it with bright pink or peach tone blush.

3 Trends in Hair

  1. Undone beach waves, the barely there wave that looks like you spent the day at the beach.
  2. Sleek wet hair, parted in the middle or styled back.
  3. Sleek or messy elegant ponytails with a bow or an accessory to top it off.

What are the top three trends in makeup and hair to do specifically with weddings/brides these days?
The biggest requests in the past 2 years and even transitioning into this season are the following:


  1. Romantic low updo
  2. Down and wavy
  3. Half up half down and flower crown or greenery


  1. Natural no makeup makeup look
  2. Glowing skin and light smokey eye
  3. Bold lip (red or berry) and liner with false lashes


How important is a trial makeup / hair session for the bride?

This is honestly a personal preference for the bride, I suggest a trial for the bride who may want to try a new look that they may not have tried before or if they are undecided between 2 different looks. Sometimes a trial can be a great idea if there is a tight timeline and the bride is specific with timing on the day of the wedding. A hair and makeup trial is great to be 100% sure of your look and to save on time for the day of prep.

If you could give one tip to a bride, what would it be?

Pick a hair and makeup look that feels like you, don’t stray too far from what you normally do in terms of hair and makeup. Wedding days are not the day to try a new trend. You will feel confident and beautiful and still look like you!