Blush: How to Incorporate the Colour of the Year Into Your Wedding

Blush – that medium soft pink you’ve been seeing everywhere lately from the runway to home décor to fancy sweets, and kind of reminds you of the early 90’s, is here to stay for awhile. It also happens to be a fantastic colour to use as a highlight or the focus of your wedding decor as it surely evokes romance and nostalgia. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate it into your wedding.


*Blush is the new white. Swap the traditional white dress for a blush one.


*As noted in the opening paragraph, this tone is showing up in all sorts of delightful pastries and cakes. Work with a monochromatic look (all blush everywhere, in slightly different tones) or play with the addition of gold, grey or mint green. It also helps that for some reason, blush icing tends to look like it MUST be delicious.


*If you have lounge chairs as part of your setup, add blush pillows. Other décor items that look particularly good in blush: menus, balloons, flowers. 


*Blush shoes look sooooo pretty with an off white or light gold dress. 


*If you plan on wearing two wedding dresses (pretty common these days!), make your night time/dancing one blush. 


*Blush invites (especially in matte) will set the tone for an extra romantic wedding.