You’ve gone through the exciting times of being newly engaged, and then the initial planning where everything is fresh and new, and then the homestretch where every detail has to be worked through. You’ve had THE BIG DAY, are so full of love, but you are also SO. EXHAUSTED.

What’s next? The best part of course! The honeyyyyyymoon!

Here are some top picks for that special vacation you’ve probably been looking forward to for a long time:

For the adventurers: 

Azores (islands in the Atlantic, part of Portugal) –
This archipelago, especially the island of Sao Miguel, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. You can hike, mountain bike, surf, paddle surf and rappel down waterfalls. The main city centre has a European atmosphere but if you want a proper taste of European culture, include time in your itinerary to hop over (via very short flight) to Lisbon.
Nicaragua, pacific side –
Especially popular among surfers, the pacific side of Nicaragua now hosts a variety of boutique hotels that cater to relaxing, drinking/eating and surfing. Although it’s now a popular sunny destination it’s still not overly priced like longtime hot spot Brazil.
For the beach bums:

Uruguay –
This tiny country is all farm and beach, making it one the most chilled out place on the planet. Stay in Punta del Este, and go eat at La Huella – you won’t regret either decision. As you lounge by the pool or eat your heart out at La Huella, you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean slash Greece.
St. Lucia –
A long time favourite amongst honeymooners, this Caribbean island is still hard to beat. Between salty hair and excursions to places like bat caves, you’ll be equal parts entertained, equal parts refreshed when you head home.
For city lovers:

Toronto –
This Canadian city has come a long way, in the past 10 years especially. There are dozens of different neighbourhoods, all with their own very distinct vibe and all offering stand out restaurants and bars. The city is also now full of luxury hotels ready to pamper you, as you should be on your honeymoon. Combine that with Edge Walk (adventure), Blue Jays game (Baseball), Raptors Game (basketball), Ripley’s Aquarium, and Queen Street and Bloor Street shopping, and you won’t run out of things to do.
Barcelona –
A city full of flavour, colour, tapas, wine, quaint bars, dancing, art and local clothing designers – need I say more? There are now lots of boutique hotels in the city, providing you with a trendy but authentic experience.