They’ve known and supported you since before the wedding, have listened to you talk about all of your big day plans and have surely helped you along the way with those plans, and will of course, be by your side the day of.

The question remains: what to get them to show your appreciation?

The answer: nowadays, the options are endless!

Here’s a list of a bunch of the latest top gifts to give to your wedding party to help you get through the endless checklists.


Spa certificate. Timeless, and always highly appreciated. Also desirable for a lot of men these days.

Tickets to an upcoming event, whether it be a concert, a sports game or a consumer show.

Personalized photo album of your memories together. Apple iPhoto “Create a Book” does a really good job.

Monthly subscription service. There are a lot of companies now that package together a curated selection of treats whether it be focused on wine, beer or beauty products. They get delivered straight to the recipient’s door, meaning your groomsman or bridesmaid will be thanking you for months after the big day.

Personalized smartphone cases.

For the ladies

Kimono style bathrobe. On trend, usable the morning of the wedding, and a nice luxury item to keep for a long time.

The original round beach towel and best beach accessory out there, made by the Beach People.

For the men

Travel watch case. There are quite a few classy, functional leather versions online.

Custom Nike sneakers. Design on