Best Bride and Bridesmaid Pre-Wedding Rituals

The wedding shower came and went, you’re just recovering from the wild bachelorette, and now the big day is just around the corner – as in this week!  Though you may only be thinking about the wedding day and everything that needs to be done, it’s a good idea to plan a little time to relax, reset and refresh.  You want to show up to your wedding ready to take on one of the most exciting and busiest days of your life! Here are some fantastic ways to hit the reset button (along with specific hot spots for those that live in the Toronto/GTA area):
The spa, probably the most effective way to reset, it will not only get you feeling your best, but also you’ll looking your best. If you hit up the spa a good 5-7 days before the wedding, book yourself a facial (extractions and all), and if you go the day or two before the wedding, book yourself a facial without any of the procedures known to cause redness.  Body Blitz is like a serene chalet in the heart of the city with water treatments galore to leave you looking years younger, and it has communal hot tubs to sit around and chat with the girls.
Afternoon Tea, an old school traditional way to unwind, sitting around with your girlfriends while being served tea and fancy desserts and treats, is a great way to go over details for the big day. Shangri-La Hotel has a gorgeous lobby setting, with one of the, if not, THE most comprehensive tea menu, accompanied by excellent service.
Movie night sleepover, always relaxing, comforting and a nice way to spend your last night single 😉
Arts and Crafts, this one sounds like a silly way for a group of adults to spend their time, but it does wonders to shut off the brain and let your senses take over. Hit up a Michael’s and DIY in the comfort of your own home, or head to one of the many paint lounges offering both painting materials and bar service.
Go for a swim! Just like the other rituals, it’s a tried and true way to relax, reset and refresh.
Remember, this is your last chance to have a little moment to yourself and reflect on what’s to come, so take advantage of it!