2016 Wedding Trends

If there’s one overwhelming trend of the year, it’s this: there is no trend! More and more,weddings are becoming an expression of the bride and groom and their style and interests rather than a cookie cutter celebration.

If you spend some time on Pinterest or Instagram these days, you’ll find inspiration no matter what your taste or personality is. A big indicator of this no-trend trend, is the cakes that are being dreamed up. There are so many beautiful cake designs online that never even remotely existed a year or two ago. Textures, colours, patterns and dimensions are being played with in super exciting ways and the result is all sorts of cakes that don’t look like your traditional off white and pink look. Black cakes, gold and turquoise are popping up everywhere, with gold flakes and geometric shapes and ombré, and even cakes that look like they were painted with watercolor. It’s really a beautiful sight to see, and now more than ever, the wedding industry’s imagination
seems to be running wild.

That said, if you’re the kind of bride (or groom) who envisions a more traditional vibe, that too, is considered a good move in 2016 and there’s plenty of slightly updated but still traditional cakes to choose from – think whimsical soft pastel tiered wedding cakes and fancy detailed trays to display a simple yet classy cake.

The same goes for the brides look. Peruse a wedding magazine or blog, and you’ll find lots of both traditional dresses, hair pieces and shoes as well as unconventional outfits. Body suits and crop tops with long flowy skirts are popping up everywhere, and though you might think that sounds too casual, designers are pulling this off beautifully. There’s a lot of sheer material and tiny embellishments like beads and sequins combined with simple luxurious fabric that results in a stunning, elegant and slightly bohemian look. In the slightly more traditional space, we’re seeing plunging backs, crisp capes à la Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars 2012, and both clean lines and detailed beading.

The no-trend trend is even making its way into wedding rings. A single princess or round cut diamond is still, and probably will always be, a desired engagement ring. However, for those that are looking for something a little more 2016, or a little less traditional, we’re seeing triangles stones, triangle shaped gold – basically everything triangle shaped. We’re also seeing black diamonds and onyx and black gold – basically everything black. We’re seeing a lot of art deco and antique type jewelry too.

The point is, that in 2016, we’re free to be exactly who we are. It’s an exciting time to be in the wedding industry and/or to be a bride and groom because as long as you keep
a certain amount of class and elegance in mind, you can pretty much get away with anything this year.